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How Filing a Schedule C can Save You Money on Taxes!

Marie Deary

Aug 19, 2023

Understand the tax implications of your business.

John was a freelance web developer. He had been working for himself for several years, and he had always filed his taxes as a sole proprietor. However, he had never really taken the time to understand the tax implications of his business. He just assumed that he would pay the standard self-employment tax rate, and that would be it.

One year, John decided to hire a tax accountant to help him with his taxes. The accountant

quickly realized that John was not taking advantage of all of the tax deductions that were

available to him as a sole proprietor. For example, John was not deducting his office rent,

business depreciation, cost of goods sold, business mileage, or professional liability


The accountant helped John to file Schedule C for the first time. As a result, John was able to deduct over $10,000 in business expenses. This significantly reduced his taxable income, and he saved thousands of dollars on taxes.

John was so impressed with the savings that he had achieved by filing Schedule C that he

decided to continue using a tax accountant every year. He also made sure to keep better

records of his business income and expenses. As a result, he has been able to save even more money on taxes in the years since.

John’s story is a reminder that sole proprietors and single-member LLCs can save a lot of

money on taxes by filing Schedule C. By deducting business expenses and paying self-

employment taxes, sole proprietors can reduce their overall tax burden and save money.

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