Protecting your greatest asset

Most people think it is their house. They are wrong. Maybe it’s your bank account. Wrong again. For the vast majority of people, the greatest asset they have is the ability to generate income.

Think about that for a moment…

How does the mortgage for the house get paid?

How does that bank account get filled?

How do you repay debt, fund retirement and pay on investment accounts? or pay for food, shelter, clothing and other life essentials?

Unless you are independently wealthy, your investments create income.

Thus, the most important type of insurance is disability income insurance. Itprotects your ability to earn an income if injured. You have life insurance to protect your family in case of death, but what if you became disabled?

Since many people rely heavily on their current earnings for support, disability insurance is an extremely important coverage. Your ability to pay for the basic necessities of life would be seriously jeopardized if you become disabled. However, many people have no insurance to protect them in case of a unforeseen disability.

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